A Düring Schweißtechnik GmbH:
Resistance welding worldwide

Düring Schweisstechnik GmbH produces and markets hand welding guns, robotic welding guns and special welding machines. It has supplied it products, including accessories and devices to the entire world for over  30 years.


Düring Schweißtechnik GmbH produces resistance welding guns and machines.


The company history

Karl A. Düring founded Düring Schweisstechnik GmbH in 1980 together with his wife, Ursula. In the early years, the company sold technical welding accessories. Later on, Düring expanded the business and specialized in customized welding machines. He equipped the company’s site with a full mechanical production and, together with his team, he started to manufacture resistance welding machines.

Over the next years the company went on developing welding technology standards. The first fully mobile welding guns were manufactured at Düring. Different from the previous models, they are not anchored. They are fully mobile, which provides application with maximum flexibility.

Today Düring Schweisstechnik GmbH produces mainly serial robotic welding guns as well as hand welding guns and designs complete robotic welding cells. The company supplies its resistance welding machines worldwide.

In the branches of Mexico and China, each of them with a separate service station spare parts are available to all welding guns. Full-time employees carry out preventive maintenance and repairs. The Düring do Brasil plant is very important. It was founded in 1998 In the State of São Paulo, Brazil. It has a complete mechanical production, with 35 employees producing welding guns and welding machines in an area of 1,000 m².

Since 1980, the company’s head office has been located in Königsbrunn, close to Augsburg.